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To get to a net-zero future, partnership and collaboration are critical.

iiE works with select partners to deliver the best possible service and help your organisation achieve its environmental goals.


Renewable energy is the future and we’re excited to be partnering with Ecotricity to help accelerate the uptake of greener options for business energy.

iiE members can benefit from deep green energy with 100% renewable electricity and carbon-offset gas, which means you’re reducing your environmental impact and can declare zero emissions on all your business energy. Ecotricity are a not-for-dividend company – they invest their profits into building new sources of green energy, including windmills, solar parks and green gas mills, which make sustainable green gas from grass. This is the only kind of action that makes a difference, that genuinely helps to fight the climate crisis. The more iiE members that join, the more Ecotricity can do to end fossil fuels.

Ecotricity only needs your annual consumption, meter information and current supply contract end date, and they’ll do the rest.

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Smart Carbon

iiE’s Smart Carbon programme supports organisations in their carbon reporting requirements and enables climate action through greater understanding of carbon intensive areas of business. The cost-effective iiE Smart Carbon dashboard is based on the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol and uses the latest UK Government conversion factors and International Energy Agency factors for those with assets outside of the UK. The robust methodology and calculation also support legal compliance for those required to meet the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) requirements. The iiE Smart Carbon dashboard is available to members as part of additional consultancy support that further complements their iiE environmental management system and carbon neutrality goals.

To find out more about supporting your company’s carbon reduction and reporting goals, please email info@iie.uk.com

Smart Carbon

Vet Sustain

Investors in the Environment (iiE) is delighted to partner with Vet Sustain – an organisation that supports veterinary professionals to drive change to a more sustainable future, and that has a vision for the veterinary profession to be a leading force for sustainability.

There are considerable synergies between iiE and Vet Sustain that has led to this partnership, with both organisations supporting a transition towards more sustainable workplaces, and more specifically veterinary practices. iiE Sustainability Consultant, April Sotomayor, is a member of Vet Sustain’s Greener Veterinary Practice Working Group, and is developing tools and training. For more information on Vet Sustain, please see their website.

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Forest Carbon

iiE partners with Forest Carbon, to help take action on climate change. Woodlands are vital to the UK, particularly in a world where the climate change trajectory is set for the next 30 years and where we are one of the least forested countries in Europe. Forest Carbon works closely with carbon buying partners to develop plans that match their needs. If your business would like to measure, reduce and mitigate its carbon and environmental footprint then working with iiE and Forest Carbon will enable you to do this in an independently assured and innovative way, with multiple co-benefits for society.

To find out more about offsetting your carbon footprint and contributing to long term tree planting in the UK, email info@iie.uk.com or call 01733 866436.

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