Greenwashing: what it actually is, why does it matter and how to avoid it

A core element of making sustainable changes within an organisation is communicating about your plans,…

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Why should you have a waste management plan?

When asked what they can do to help the environment, most people will say “recycle”.

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The Vital Role of the North East’s Voluntary Sector

Over the past couple of years, a large number of our clients here at our…

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Helping the Veterinary Sector become Carbon Literate

Awareness of the climate and ecological emergencies facing humanity is perhaps the highest it’s ever…

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Leaders in sustainability celebrated at iiE Awards 2023

Thursday 23rd November marked the iiE Awards 2023 and the celebration of success in sustainable…

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What can we expect from COP28?

At the end of November, representatives from over 190 countries will travel to Dubai in…

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Using national awareness campaigns to widen your impact

National awareness campaigns and event days are a great way to engage clients with a…

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What is the proposed Biodiversity Net Gain mandate and will it affect your organisation?

As researchers warn we may be entering a major mass extinction event, the first since…

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Rubbish Business? Here’s how to reduce plastic waste in your workplace.

Sustainability and reducing plastic waste go hand in hand. Plastic waste is a by-product of…

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Become more water-wise during Water Saving Week 2023

In 2019, Sir James Bevan, the then Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, spoke at…

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How to ‘green’ your organisation’s value chain

Has your company already made a commitment to achieving net zero? Great! But how does…

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Use Earth Day 2023 to encourage your business to invest in our planet

The 22nd April 2023 marks the 53rd Earth Day  and offers an important moment for…

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