iiE Green Champion Course

Giving you the skills and tools to feel confident with sustainability

Welcome to our iiE Green Champion Course, a bespoke training program aimed at equipping individuals with the practical skills to drive sustainable change within their organisations.

This introductory course is suitable for any sector or sized organisation – within any job role. And no prior sustainability knowledge is needed – as free templates and resources are integrated into each of the short modules.

Participants can navigate through the e-Learning course at their own pace, accessing valuable insights on topics such as environmental audits, data analysis, action planning, carbon and waste reduction, and staff engagement.

Course content includes:

  • Carrying out basic environmental audits
  • Using data to track performance & influence decision making
  • Developing action plans and setting targets
  • Practical tools to cut carbon and waste
  • How to engage staff/ co-workers and communicate your commitment to sustainability

Become a certified Green Champion

The course ends with a short multiple-choice answer exam and upon completion, learners will receive an iiE Green Champion certification – marking their commitment to enhancing their organisation’s environmental performance.

*iiE member price £56+VAT. Please contact training@iie.uk.com for more details