Eco Building

What is IIE?

We are on a mission to help organisations make a positive impact on the planet

Investors in the Environment (iiE) is a national environmental accreditation scheme designed to help organisations save time and money, reduce their impact on the environment, and get recognition for their progress. iiE is an accessible and proven route to help organisations get started on their sustainability journey and keep going.

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Carbon Footprint

Through iiE, you will understand your impact, take action, and demonstrate progress through an externally verified and credible scheme.

Our process gives you the tools to develop your Environmental Management System and our framework focuses on four key areas of sustainable development: Leadership & Governance, Climate Change, Nature & Natural Resources, and Pollution & Waste.

Setting the baseline by implementing processes, policies and systems to manage, monitor and improve your environmental performance.

  • Establishing environmental policy & action plans
  • Gathering baseline data
  • Improving how resources are used
  • Managing & reducing waste
  • Calculating a carbon footprint
  • Communicating progress


Begin to develop organisational change by analysing data, making measured improvements through performance tracking, and working towards wider sustainable development.

  • Setting & achieving targets to reduce resource use
  • Establishing a travel plan
  • Minimising waste
  • Improving the environmental management system
  • Reducing the carbon impact of operations
  • Engaging people in sustainability improvement


Delivering success and measured impact, driving wider sustainable development throughout your organisation and value chain preparing for net zero and beyond.

  • Broadening the focus of environmental action
  • Managing the impact of work-related travel
  • Assessing supply chain and greening procurement
  • Setting ambitious carbon reduction targets
  • Undertaking impactful projects
  • Reporting progress to stakeholders.

Each year, upon successful implementation of the iiE criteria, members are awarded with the recognised stamp of certification.