What is ‘Investors in the Environment’?

iiE was founded in 2010 by the independent environmental charity PECT, not only to help organisations reduce their environmental impacts but also to give them the extra support needed to meet their green targets and receive promotion for doing so.

We knew there was a gap in the market to work with businesses on a multitude of support levels, and that many companies didn’t want, couldn’t understand or afford the international standard of ISO14001.

Our vision is to create sustainable businesses and put sustainability at the heart of smart business practices. So ultimately, iiE was launched with the aim of helping businesses save money, implement good working practices, and reduce their impact on the environment.

Some big names quickly realised the benefits of the scheme, and within just a couple of years of setting up the scheme, we had signed up organisations such as IKEA Distribution, Produce World, Skanska plus many more.

We have micro businesses and members that work from home on board too, and it just shows that iiE can truly help any business, no matter their shape or size.