We’re partnering up! iiE and Vet Sustain

Investors in the Environment (iiE) is delighted to have formed a new partnership with Vet Sustain – an organisation that supports veterinary professionals to drive change to a more sustainable future, and that has a vision for the veterinary profession to be a leading force for sustainability.

There are considerable synergies between iiE and Vet Sustain that has led to this partnership, with both organisations supporting a transition towards more sustainable workplaces, and more specifically veterinary practices. The partnership will be mutually beneficial to both organisations, together reaching more practices with veterinary-specific best practice guidance and resources.

iiE is a national not-for-profit environmental accreditation scheme, designed to help organisations save time and money. We do this by helping reduce organisation’s environmental impacts, promoting businesses for their green credentials and involving staff in securing operational efficiencies. By implementing a credible, performance-driven environmental management system, organisations are able to put sustainability at the heart of smart business practice.

iiE is already supporting many veterinary practices to drive sustainability in their workplaces, and is currently working with 44 veterinary practices or organisations that support the veterinary profession across the country. Partnership projects will be undertaken, with progress already underway. iiE Sustainability Consultant, April Sotomayor, is a member of Vet Sustain’s Greener Veterinary Practice Working Group, and as part of this will be developing tools and training. 

April Sotomayor comments “We are delighted to be collaborating with Vet Sustain to help as many veterinary practices and professionals understand their role in sustainability and support them with pathways to making environmental improvements, no matter where they are starting from. Our partnership will help reduce carbon footprints, prevent environmental harm, and get people engaged in the process.”

For more information on Vet Sustain, please see their website. Click here to find out about iiE’s partners.