How Your Business Can Act To Protect Vital Water Supplies

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15/06/2023 (12.30pm) Online

Virtual - Zoom

Unless drastic action is taken, it is predicted that demand for UK water will outstrip supply in by 2040. This has implications not only for ‘business as usual’ and how we live, but also for water quality and the eco-systems which rely upon the freshwater in our streams and rivers. Individual use has a direct impact.

As the Race to Net Zero gathers momentum, the importance of urgently reducing water demand is often lost in the dust rising from the dried ground over which it clatters. Dr Nathan Richardson, Head of Policy and Strategy at Waterwise will aim to redress the balance a little. He will talk about changes on the horizon in the sector, what your business can do to reduce water use (and how this can link with carbon reduction targets) and provide some case studies of good practice.

Val Neech, Trade Effluent Regulation Manager at Anglian Water, will provide a short presentation on the practical things you and your organisation can do to minimise pollution to our watercourses.  There will also be highlights of what Anglian Water is doing to ensure that the needs of their region are met in the future, and to continue protecting the environment.

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