An Introduction to Carbon Literacy for Vets

16/01/2024 (12.30pm) Online

On Teams

Come and join Jen for this introduction to Carbon Literacy for the veterinary profession to learn more about the course, get a taster of some of the interactive elements, and find out how it will support the achievement of your practice’s iiE accreditation. 

What is Carbon Literacy?

Carbon Literacy training is accredited training that is being deployed across many sectors, including the NHS, the civil service, the automotive industry and more. Vet Sustain has teamed up with Jen Gale, vet and founder of Sustainable(ish) to create a bespoke course the veterinary industry. The course equips participants with knowledge and understanding of climate science and its impacts, with specific reference to the veterinary profession. Learners are then encouraged to think about actions that they can take individually and collectively in their workplace to reduce environmental impact. Once learners have completed a day of training and pledged two carbon reduction actions, they can be certified as ‘Carbon Literate’ and will join over 70,000 other Carbon Literate citizens around the world!

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Please note: this webinar is an introduction to the Carbon Literacy for Vets course, not the full course. The full course is not run by iiE but by two of our partner organisations.