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iiE member Seacourt has taken exceptional measures to position itself as one of the world’s leading environmental printing services.

From its origins as an ordinary printing company, Seacourt decided to embark upon a transformation to become more environmentally responsible.

Seacourt began its journey towards sustainability in 1996 when it was discovered that the print industry was the sixth worst polluting in the world. This led to a change in thinking and in strategy as it introduced its first operational change by adopting a new waterless lithographic printing process.

Waterless printing is the ultimate environmentally-friendly printing process. Since swapping to Waterless Offset, Seacourt has saved nearly 7 million litres of fresh water.

Managing Director, Gareth Dinnage, explains: “Sustainability is in the DNA of Seacourt, it is the starting point of every decision that we make as a business. Our focus for the last 20 years has been on how we deliver our clients printed materials to the highest quality and with the lightest environmental footprint possible. It is this focus which has seen us become one of the foremost environmental printing companies in the world.”

Seacourt has also answered growing issues with landfill with their zero-waste policy. This means that throughout the printing process there is not a single waste stream that is not being re-used or recycled in some way. In addition, Seacourt runs on 100% renewable energy, which removes in the region of 70 tonnes of carbon from its footprint every year.

The company believes that its desire to do what’s best for the environment is also leading the way to a more much-needed sustainability in the printing industry. By introducing cutting-edge technology and an ethos of acting environmentally responsible, Seacourt is now focussing its approach towards exemplifying best practice in environmental sustainability.