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How a Bank Reduced it’s Water Use By Over 70%

In addition to Bronze, Silver and Green accreditation, each year during the iiE Awards a few organisations are recognised for going above and beyond in several special categories including water reduction. For the Water Saviour Award judges were looking for the best reduction of water against an organisation’s baseline year and evidence of continual year-on-year improvement.

In 2021, Cambridge and Counties bank set themselves apart, earning them the Water Saviour Award 2021.

What did they do?

Since refurbishment in 2018-2019, Cambridge & Counties bank have achieved outstanding annual reductions in water use. Overall, in 2020 a 60% reduction was achieved against 2017 usage. Reductions notably continued in 2021, with the bank reducing usage by 72% compared to the same period in 2017.

How did they do it?

Cambridge & Counties bank are committed to reducing their environmental impact and green commitments have been at the heart of the bank since launching in 2012.

As a member of the Leicester business community, actions and decisions taken by the bank can have an impact on the local environment. This is something the bank has always been aware of and was considered as part of the multi-million-pound refurbishment at the Leicester headquarters. This major project was completed in 2019, resulting in a modern building with a number of initiatives to reduce water use including:

  • All toilet cisterns were replaced with new dual flush systems
  • Constant flow urinals were replaced with motion activated ones
  • Taps offering immediate hot and chilled water were installed in the kitchens to eliminate the need for kettles and coolers
  • Large, efficient dishwashers were installed to reduce the frequency of cycles within a day and reduce the need for handwashing dishes which can consume high volumes of water

Following this award, Cambridge & Counties Bank will continue to look for improvements that will help achieve their commitment to the environment.

“The impact of climate change has become a fundamental business priority and we are dedicated to being a positive influence within the industry and local community for the benefit of all stakeholders. Importantly, this is just the start of the journey – we are busy identifying other areas where we can continue to make positive strides.” – Mike Hudson, Chief Risk Officer at Cambridge & Counties Bank.