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Green Heart Clean Thinks Outside the Box

One eco-friendly cleaning company decided to look at things a little differently when it came to becoming an even more sustainable organisation.

Green Heart Clean decided to think outside the box to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, using unique and quirky ideas. These ideas have now had an impact on Green Heart Clean’s travel plan, delivery options and its marketing too. Resources have also been reduced in a simple, yet effective way, which anybody can quickly apply to their offices and even their homes.

Green Heart Clean is a small, but growing, eco- friendly cleaning company operating in Loughborough, Leicestershire, Peterborough, Grantham, Chesterfield and London. The organisation offers a wide range of cleaning services, including carpet and floor cleaning, commercial, construction, industrial, and medical cleaning.

“It is highly important to be environmentally conscious in all that we do,” explains Director Babatunde Sobola. “At Green Heart Clean this is what we have been looking at in more depth.”

The company felt it was their responsibility to be as eco-friendly as possible and analysed two main contributing factors: resources and operations.

Green Heart Clean pinpointed areas to cut back on travelling by making a bigger effort of biking to local clients from the office, however they felt this was not enough. The way they make deliveries was analysed and they wondered if we could use this time as a way of marketing the organisation too. They eventually came up with a unique idea of using a Pashley cargo bike.


Key points of using a Pashley cargo bike:


  • Used to make monthly deliveries to Loughborough clients, cutting back on the company’s carbon footprint and boosting the staff member’s health through active travel.
  • When not making deliveries, the Pashley cargo bike can be biked around town as a carbon-free and unique way of marketing. The trailer will contain upright boards of the latest promotions at Green Heart Clean.
  • The Pashley cargo bike is unique. This means it attracts attention, making it ideal for marketing and brand awareness.


With regards to resources, it can be hard for any company to cut back, especially when they are a growing organisation. This is where you have to think outside the box. Cuts have been made in all areas of resources at Green Heart Clean, but a main resource being reduced is water.

“To do this we have begun using a very simple, yet effective way of cutting back water,” explains Babatunde. “The idea is basically to fill up an empty bottle, then place it in the toilet’s flusher tank. This allows for less water to be used when the toilet is flushed.”

The benefits of this are that the method saves on water whilst not affecting the capabilities of the flushing and it prevents an empty bottle going into landfill. Green Heart Clean may be a small eco-friendly cleaning company, but it shows that when you think outside the box some great green actions can be taken!

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