VONNE (Voluntary Organisations’ Network North East) is the regional support body for the North East Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector, representing more than 1,200 member charities, voluntary organisations, community groups, networks, and social enterprises from across the region, with further reach through our many networks. Its mission is to support the development and sustainability of a strong, effective, and well governed VCSE and to promote engagement, involvement, and collaboration with the sector as a valued partner.

VONNE recognises the importance of the climate and ecological crisis and is committed to being an environmentally responsible organisation, understanding that this is an ongoing and continuous process. We will seek to reduce our carbon footprint, improve recycling, reduce the reliance on packaging, minimise waste, and improve efficiencies on finite natural resources in all of the company’s operations and departments. We will seek to reduce the amount of energy and other resources we consume including the proper management and monitoring of waste, the reduction of pollution and emissions, and promote environmentally responsible ways of working to our suppliers and within the local VCSE sector.