World Environment Day

05/06/2020 - 05/06/2020
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World Environment Day is your chance to do something for the environment, to give back instead of taking out. Look after the planet and she will look after you as they say! Held every year on the 5th of June, and now celebrated in over 100 countries worldwide, this year’s event is aiming to be the biggest so far, as a massive call for global environmental action.

Instigated by the U.N, its purpose is to raise awareness of environmental problems and to find ways of tackling those issues. Various events are usually organised including; street rallies, concerts, school activities, tree planting, clean-ups and more. You can do your bit as a business by encouraging your employees to use public transport or by taking part in initiatives such as the Cycle to Work scheme, (see the blog entitled ‘For The Love Of Cycling’ for more information on this).

Why not consider organising your own events? Even something as simple as recycling, turning off electrical appliances after use and switching to sustainable products can all help to ease resources.

To find out other suggestions on ways that you and your business can help to raise awareness of environmental issues or to take part in World Environment Day activities, please take a look at;