Tackling the Challenge of Scope 3 Emissions

19/10/2022 (11.30am) Online

Virtual - Zoom

For most organisations, Scope 3 emissions make up the largest part of their carbon footprint but are the area over which they have least control.  Dave Knight,  iiE’s lead Environmental Consultant, will be talking about simple steps which iiE members can put in place to start collecting and controlling Scope 3 emissions data.

2 hours have been set aside, but it may be that 1.5 hours will suffice, depending on questions.

Please book on to this members-only session here.

Spaces limited to 15. Another workshop will be arranged if there is sufficient demand. Please email [email protected] if you are unable to register for this event.

More about the speaker:

David is a (self described) data-head; he excels in carbon and energy analysis and has a broad depth of knowledge and understanding of energy efficiency and how it can be applied to an organisation.

A senior member of the team, he leads iiE’s energy consultancy services and the development of its carbon management tools. He is a technical guru – from spreadsheets to green technology – and is a firm advocate for the right technology in the right place. He has worked with organisations of all sizes and from all sectors represented within the membership to find successful ways to make vital changes to reduce their energy reliance and carbon emissions.