Reducing the Carbon Impact of Internet Use

29/11/2022 (12.30pm) Online

Virtual - Zoom

The internet industry is responsible for 4% of global carbon emissions, consumes 10% of the world’s electricity and, pre-pandemic, it generated the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions of the global aviation industry. The shift to remote working and rise of streaming services and social media has further accelerated the internet’s impact, meaning our use of it now needs to be a part of our sustainability conversations.

Kayleigh Nicolaou, co-founder of ethical creative agency Kakadu Creative, will talk about the various steps your business can take to reduce the environmental impact of its internet use and its digital carbon footprint. Join us for this webinar and please invite colleagues involved in your organisation’s IT and web use, as well as those creating web-based content.

This is a members only event and will be held on Zoom.

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