iiE Awards: Future Green Business Trends: What’s next?

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20211014 (10am-12am)

Date: Thursday 14th October 2021

Time: 10am-12pm

Award categories: Overall Outstanding Achievers, Sustainability Influencer

Award Sponsors:

  • Roythornes Solicitors: Overall Outstanding Achiever – Large
  • Ecotricity: Overall Outstanding Achiever – SME
  • Green Energy Switch: Sustainability Influencer


A lot has changed over the last year due to Covid-19. What can we learn from this going forward? And what are the best practices you should keep? This is one webinar you do not want to miss! Our guest speaker Georgina Wilson-Powell, Founder at Pebble, will be discussing green trends and what the next chapter looks like for a green economy. There will also be discussions on how you can use social media to influence change and communicate the green practices of your business.

Who are Pebble?

First and foremost they are an eco-lifestyle magazine that inspires and informs you all about everything you need to crack on being more circular, less wasteful, more ethical, less plastic and so on. Pebble is about inspiring communities and one of the ways they do this is through pebble’s Ripples community;  a friendly, safe space for changemakers who want to share their work, find supporters for their campaigners, talk about current climate issues and network with like minded consumers and entrepreneurs. We have monthly virtual chats, book clubs, author talks and panel discussions plus product testing, sampling and more. Best of all, it’s all free for 2021.

Pebble loves…

Permaculture. Whizzy futurists. Slow fashion. Open sourcing. Foraging. Forests. Mindful discovery. Protecting the seas. Great food. Local food. New manufacturing models. Conservation and much more!

More importantly, Pebble is about showing you how you can incorporate all of these things into your life. They call this #EverydayActivism. Being good to the planet often means starting small and being good to ourselves.

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Georgina Wilson-Powell, Founder at PebbleGeorgina Wilson-Powell

Georgina spent 16 years launching and running magazines for Lonely Planet Traveller, BBC Good Food, Morrisons, Time Out and many more. After living in Dubai and flying all over the world for work, she couldn’t go on carrying around the carbon and plastic waste guilt with her all the time and wanted to live differently.

But it was hard (back in 2016) to find out how to do this, without sacrificing everything she loved about her life. Which lead Georgina to founding Pebble.

Now, Georgina is on a mission to use her career and skills as a force for good, to tackle society’s overconsumption of, well, everything!

We can be less wasteful, live greener, be more innovative and support more local and ethical businesses – but often we just need the inspiration and a bit of info to get started.

Life’s complicated, time’s short and you want to make the most eco decision. That’s not always easy.