iiE Awards: Energy for the Future

11/10/2021 - 11/10/2021 (2pm-3pm)
Central East North East North West South East & London South West West Midlands Yorkshire and Humber
energy for the future

Date: Monday 11th October 2021

Time: 2pm- 3pm

Award category: Best Carbon Reduction

Sponsor: Compare The Market

Join us to explore the future of energy in a low carbon world and how you as a business can prepare for the shift towards 100% renewable energy. We will dive into topics such as, planning for the electrification of heating, integrating renewables, and linking these with electric vehicles and charge points. We will be joined by guest speaker David Knight, Environmental Consultant at PECT, who will discuss low carbon solutions for your business as well as grant funding opportunities.


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Mark Meyrick, Head of Smart Grids and PPAs at Ecotricity,

Mark’s main efforts are concentrated on enabling grid scale battery storage deployment, aggregated with other assets in a virtual power plant so as to enable Ecotricity to be able to flex its power position in response to the needs of the Grid, and the market.  Alongside this Ecotricity has an active Power Purchase Agreement function which Mark started and oversees. This is an important part of the Ecotricity renewable energy promise.

Previously at Ecotricity in 2003 when he started up their energy trading desk in the wake of the Enron fall-out, after ABB’s treasury and energy desk closed down, which he was Managing Director of for 7 years.

Over the 2003 -2015 period he worked on GHG emissions abatement projects in the context of the EU ETS, for EDF Trading, Constellation Energy, German utility EnBW and Dutch utility Eneco. Previously he was a foreign exchange options trader for some years, having started working life as a chartered accountant.


David Knight, Environmental Consultant at PECT David Knight

David is the lead Environmental Consultant at PECT working on projects across the UK supporting a wide range of clients from the SME, Public and Third Sectors.  David is consulted for his broad depth of knowledge and understanding of energy efficiency and how it can be applied to an organisation. He has helped support clients to make vital changes to reduce carbon emissions and advise on strategic decisions for organisations to invest in a greener more sustainable future.