Earth Day 2020

22/04/2020 - 22/04/2020
Central East North East North West South East & London South West West Midlands Yorkshire and Humber

Sometimes good things arise from bad situations, and Earth Day is one such example. Borne out of the massive oil spill disaster in Santa Barbara, America, in 1969 and organised by the Earth Day Network, Earth Day was created to bring support and awareness of environmental protection on a global scale.

Now celebrated in more than 193 countries, with over one billion people taking part, this year’s event will mark it’s 50th Anniversary and will include many activities such as; clean-ups, lobbying/petitions, marches and tree planting.

Faced with ever-growing problems of species extinction, climate change and plastic pollution (among other things), it’s never too late to start making a difference. To find out how you can participate and ideas on organising events for your own business, as well as gaining updates and further information, visit;