Become iiE accredited to save money, implement good working practices and reduce your business’s impact on the environment. 

We celebrate, encourage and validate the progress made by North East England organisations of all sizes in their sustainability journey. At iiE we promote and reward good environmental practices in day to day business activities and  help to make the North East of England the best place to be.

Our ambition is for the North East of England to show leadership in:

  • Resource efficiency
  • Carbon neutral business
  • The circular economy
  • Creating resilient landscapes to increase biodiversity, attract and retain investment and protect against a changing climate

All iiE members gain a listing and access to our national Green Business Directory, are awarded a Working Towards iiE  badge while progressing through their sustainability journey and are invited to celebrate their success at our annual iiE awards event.

We have a talented and friendly team who can support you and your business through the accreditation process.  Get in touch for more information on how iiE can help reduce your business costs, impact on the environment and create new procurement and tendering opportunities. For more information, email

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