York Brewery - EMS training and Brewery Tour!

Yorkshire and Humber

The first Yorkshire & Humbers members event of 2018 was our Environmental Management Systems (EMS) training and brewery tour!

We had a full house for the EMS training and brewery tour on the 26th January, which was hosted at one of the meeting rooms at York Brewery. We were delighted to find out that the fourteen delegates (and John and Becky hosting the event) all made the journey to the venue by public transport – which is all part of our own travel plan implementation.


The training session included all aspects of the Investors in the Environment criteria for accreditation: Environmental Policy, Measuring Resources, Setting Targets, Action Planning, Recycling, Additional Actions, Travel Planning, Carbon Footprints, Reporting and Communication. A lively debate was had between participants at various points during the session. It was interesting to note that many of the ‘issues’ that organisations come across during the implementation of an EMS were common throughout the different business sectors present in the room, and also that different issues affect different businesses depending on their size. Hearing how others manage their environmental impacts and an opportunity to share best practise was an important part of the morning, and we think that everyone in the room went away with at least one new idea to implement!



Lunch followed and the best part of the day was of course the Brewery tour! York Brewery is a micro-brewery, brewing its award winning beers by traditional methods. We learned about the brewing processes and methods, and the ingredients used to make their range of different beers. Most of the waste products from the brewing process are re-used by local farmers as fertiliser or animal feed, and we were surprised to find out that a lot of the work done is still done by ‘hand’ including the regular cleaning out of the mash tuns.





Following the very informative tour we retired to the bar area to enjoy our ‘samples’ and network and chat about the days events. Many thanks to everyone that attended, and for your contributions to the training session. We enjoyed hearing your suggestions, sharing and ideas, it made for a very enjoyable session.






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