What does it mean to be a sustainability influencer?

What does it mean to influence?

In today’s world, many would automatically think of celebrities who influence via social media to market clothing brands or consumer products. This, of course, is right but if we dig deeper it’s clear it means so much more. To be an influencer, it’s to encourage, inspire and guide the actions of others. Developing the right behaviours can bring about positive change and can have a knock-on effect to those around us. At some point in our lives, we have all been influenced, whether that be through friends, family, or work colleagues.

How have BGL Insurance improved over the last year?

As part our #OneStepGreener programme launched last year, BGL Insurance set a new goal of becoming a carbon neutral business, halving emissions by 2030 and achieving net-zero by 2040. To help it achieve these challenging targets, the business has introduced several new initiatives aimed at making its operation as environmentally friendly as possible. New strategies include:

  • Renewed reduction targets for emissions, wastage and energy consumption
  • New procurement commitments, ensuring any suppliers and service providers follow the same environmental agenda
  • Significant reductions in printing and paper usage, as well as ongoing promotion of greener commuting options
  • Colleague education programme linked to health, wellbeing and sustainability, with a mission to help look after colleagues from the inside out.

At BGL Insurance, we know that challenges do not come much bigger than the environmental crisis we are facing and there’s a great deal we can do as a company, community, and individuals to be part of the solution. We all need to influence those around us to tread more lightly on our planet. Within our organisation, we have a series of eco-initiatives to help drive progress. Our network of eco-champions supports the delivery of key awareness campaigns. They regularly meet to discuss how our organisation can be more sustainable and then turn these words into actions.

BGL sponsors the iiE Sustainability Influencer Award 2022

BGL Insurance is a proud sponsor of the iiE Awards, and the Sustainability Influencer category. This is because we are tremendously passionate about having a positive impact on our beautiful planet. We influence our colleagues through learning and awareness and actively demonstrate that we care about our green spaces through our important environmental strategy.

For this award, iiE are looking for sustainability influencers, those who lead by example and change the behaviours of others for the greener good! We support the Green Champions who bang the sustainability drum, sometimes in the face of adversity, and individuals and businesses who challenge the mindsets of those in denial about the climate change crisis, biodiversity loss and overconsumption of natural resources.

The winner of this category last year, Linnaeus, impressed the judges with its wide-ranging dedication to sustainability, from the phase out of nitrous oxide as an anaesthetic gas through the CPD campaign ‘No Need for Nitrous’,  to its energy saving ‘Paws to Turn Off’ campaign.  The Linnaeus green team used its influence across its network, setting the organisation ambitious impact reduction targets, which could only be achieved through the collaboration of colleagues.  Linnaeus supports the sustainability agenda across a range of programmes and is leading the development of good practice within the veterinary sector.

Wishing all applicants the very best of luck! BGL Insurance is the proud sponsor of this year’s iiE Awards, supporting the category ‘Sustainability Influencer.’

This article was contributed by BGL Insurance who are sponsoring the ‘Sustainability Influencer’ award at the iiE Awards 2022.

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