Water saving - it can be achieved in large volumes

Yorkshire and Humber

In 2018 one of Investors in the Environment’s (iiE) northern members, Barnsley Leisure, achieved Green accreditation status.

One of the key sustainability measures that contributed towards this was installing unique toilets, which only use 1.5L per flush compared to the general level of 7-10L – on average a saving of 84%. This generates a very quick payback on buying and installing the product.

iiE member Novalux LED/Novaloo are the Northern partners of the toilet’s UK manufacturer, PropelAir. This unique product enables organisations to save precious water for a great environmental improvement.

You can view the video highlighting the benefits of the product here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZNZREMceIA

If you’re an iiE member who wants to find out more, you can contact Nigel from Novaloo on 01904 891213 to ask about installation of free of charge water and flush meters, to determine your current volume of water used and see more about the benefits that could be achieved.

Here’s to many more iiE members achieving Green status in the near future!

Find out more about Barnsley Premier Leisure on their Green Directory Profile

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