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Access our free Top Tips for Homeworking Guide as part of #ZeroWasteWeek

This Zero Waste Week, Investors in the Environment (iiE) is calling for more people than ever to get involved and think about the waste they produce. That’s why we’ve produced a new guide: Top tips for homeworking. Whether you are an individual, business or organisation, each of us has a responsibility to take action and reduce our waste.  

So, what is Zero Waste Week?  

Zero Waste Week is a national campaign that looks to raise awareness of the environmental impacts of waste. Launched in 2008, the campaign formally runs from the first Monday in September each year and encourages everybody to get involved and reduce the impacts of the waste they produce.  

Despite the name you do not have to go completely Zero Waste, as the idea is more to think about the impacts of the waste you produce and the steps you can take to start to reduce this. This could involve opting for more recyclable packaging or materials, reducing the amount you buy or reusing what you already have as much as possible.  

How can I get involved?  

iiE members already have access to a number of great resources to help your business get involved and celebrate Zero Waste Week, including our Zero Waste Week Guide and staff engagement posters to support your campaign.  

While Zero Waste Week is a great opportunity for your business to look at the waste it produces, it is also the perfect time to engage staff to think about their impact at home. This is especially important as more organisations shift to hybrid and homeworking practices. That’s why this year we have compiled a handy guide of Top Tips to Reduce Waste at Home that can be shared across businesses and individuals alike.  

Whether it’s looking at ways to reduce your food waste, investigating reusable alternatives, or getting an item repaired, there is a small step each of us can take to reduce our impact which can collectively have a huge impact

Check out our new Top Tips for Homeworking Guide by filling in the form below, and don’t forget to share with your colleagues and friends to increase your impact:  

Top Homeworking Tips Guide

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