Pennine-Pack Win Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice

Yorkshire and Humber

Pennine-Pack were presented with a Green Apple Award in recognition of their
Environmental Best Practice earlier today at the Houses of Parliament in London. The
Yorkshire based micro-business helps companies to comply with packaging regulations*
whilst actively supporting the UK recycling industry.

In 2010, Pennine-Pack committed to encouraging their customers to take a more holistic
approach to recycling at a time when increasing amounts of waste were being shipped
overseas for recycling. Accordingly, customers were invited to sign up to Pennine-Pack’s
Ethical Compliance scheme which is committed to buying all its recycling certificates from
UK recyclers. The industry ‘norm’ is to ship packaging waste to China where it is sorted and
recycled in factories where employees are often only earning a basic minimum wage of the
equivalent of £7.50 per day! Additionally, the 18,000km of transportation needed to ship
the waste from the UK to China, also leads to an increased carbon footprint of almost 300kg
CO2e of emissions per tonne.

John Mooney, Director commented “We decided to see if this commitment would help to
promote UK recyclers, reduce the impact of our operations and encourage our customers to
think about their environmental impact in a more holistic manner.” He continued, “We’ve
increased our overall use of UK recycling certificates purchased, and are now buying almost
three times as many as we were in 2010. During the first part of 2017, customers who have
asked us to buy their recycling certificates from UK recyclers, now represent about 25% of
our turnover

Pennine-Pack works with businesses across many different sectors helping them to work
beyond legal compliance, reduce their carbon impact for waste and recycling, and continues
to be committed to increasing the proportion of their own business which supports the UK
recycling industry. Commenting on the award, John said “we’re thrilled to be recognized in
an area where small businesses can often be overlooked. Collectively SME’s can make a
huge difference to our economy and supporting UK business is essential for the future”

About Pennine Pack
Pennine Pack has been operating packaging compliance schemes since 1997. As part of its
portfolio under brand, it also operates an environmental consultancy and the
environmental accreditation scheme “Investors in the Environment” in Yorkshire & the

One of the three packaging compliance schemes offered by Pennine- Pack, is ‘Ethical
Compliance’ which is committed to providing more responsible packaging compliance to its
members by sourcing all PRNs (Recycling certificates, or “packaging recovery notes”) from
UK recyclers. This promotes UK recycling and ensures that those employed in the industry,
enjoy satisfactory standards of employment. It also minimises the carbon footprint of the
recycled waste as it doesn’t need to be transported long distances to be recycled. This
initiative was recognised in 2016 when Pennine Pack were runners up in the Guardian
Sustainable Business Awards behind SAB Miller (multinational brewer) and ahead of IKEA
(Swedish furniture company) in the Supply Chain category.
*The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007 (as
amended), commonly known as ‘the packaging regs’ apply to all businesses that turn over
more than £2million and handle over 50 tonnes of obligated packaging.

For more information, please contact the office on 01422 417 371 or visit our websites:

The Green Apple Environment Awards were established in 1994 as an annual campaign to
recognise, reward and promote environmental best practice around the world. It was one of
the first to be accredited by the RSA as an official feeder into the European Business Awards
for the Environment, and is still one of only a handful of accredited campaigns.

Investors in the Environment (iiE) is an established, environmental accreditation and
membership scheme. The scheme is designed to help businesses of all sizes to save
money, reduce their impact on the environment and get formally recognised for their
green credentials. Your business will implement a simple Environmental Management
System (EMS) to get accredited.

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