Meet the iiE Team

April at the iiE Awards

Danette O'HaraMeet Danette O’Hara, Business Support Officer for the Investors in the Environment (iiE) East region.

Q. What does your role at iiE involve?

A. I support businesses with their iiE accreditation in the East region, preparing them for auditing and offering advice and support to implement resource efficiency measures and carbon and cost savings.

Q. Why did you first get interested in the environment and when?

A. I first became interested in the environment in my early 20s. I became quite unwell, and looked at my diet as a way to help control this, cutting out as much processed food as possible, which then led on to other products I used, such as toiletries. From here I started to grow my own food and make my own products. I then read a book, ‘Save Cash, Save the Planet’, which led me further into my environmental journey.

Q. What is your professional background?

A. After finishing my psychology degree, I worked in various admin based roles. During one of these, the organisation I was working for restructured and developed a HR role. Having enjoyed this part of my psychology degree, I applied for this post and decided to undertake a masters in occupational psychology. I continued to work within HR for a number of years. After completing my Masters, and with my passion for a sustainable environment, I wanted to look for ways to bring the two together, and I feel that iiE enables me to do this. My Masters gives me a deeper understanding of how organisations function and the inner processes that take place whilst also being able to look at the environmental aspects, improving the sustainability of our accredited organisations.

Q. If you weren’t working for iiE what would your dream job be?

A. My dream job would be working as an occupational psychologist, specialising in sustainability.

Q. What’s the best thing about helping businesses become greener?

A. Although I have only been with iiE for a short while, the biggest driver for being a part of the team is the wider impact that work like this would have. Not only are you helping the organisation, but the people within it, their customers and all those that it could have a knock-on effect on. The potential is endless.

Q. Biggest challenge?

A. Engaging people who are not interested in an environmental agenda.

Q. What superhero power would you have?

A. The ability to slow down time!