Investors in the Environment Awards Yorkshire & Humber Weds 14th June

Yorkshire and Humber

The White Cloth gallery, Leeds, was the venue for the highly successful annual award ceremony for the Yorkshire and Humber region of Investors in the Environment.

During the introduction we heard that our combined membership have achieved a staggering 45% average reduction in paper use and a pretty impressive 30% average reduction in gas, electricity, waste and miles travelled.



Despite broken-down freight trains on the line from Hull, the event was well attended with businesses from across the region. The highlight of the afternoon was a sparkling talk by Mike Berners-Lee of the Lancaster Environment Centre and the author of How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything. Drawing on his considerable knowledge, he gave a compelling survey of world environmental problems and the obstacles, psychological as much as practical, that need to be overcome in the near future. Throughout, he stressed the importance of focusing on the right questions – does it really matter which form of hand-dryer we use? – and the impact of relatively modest changes in lifestyle on these problems. By making a range of specific suggestions, relating to local businesses and services, he charted a practical way forward that appeared both relevant and achievable to the members of his audience. You can see a copy of the slides he presented here: Mike Berners-Lee slides 14th June 2017

This was also the opportunity to celebrate the progress that had been made by members of the network in the past twelve months. Twenty plus different organisations were recipients of awards. As the citations made clear, often-outstanding achievements had been attained by companies as diverse as Yorkshire Dance, Queensway Dental Clinic, IKEA and Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust.

The progress already achieved and the palpable determination to build on it bodes well for the future of the network.

Awards Presented:


Andy Thornton
ASSIX Construct
Yorkshire Dance


Freshney Place Shopping Centre
HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd
Jones & Brooks Ltd
Novalux LED
Queensway Dental Clinic & Queensway Orthodontics


Barnsley Premier Leisure
Brocklesby Ltd
Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust
Doncaster College
Ecology Building Society
Hull City Council
Hull College Group
IKEA Distribution
Inspired Pet Nutrition
Kingstown Works Ltd
Sheffcare Ltd

Special awards:

Best Newcomer

Yorkshire Dance

Best Green Champions

Chris Cole, IPN
Martin Budd, Hull City Council

Great Green Star

Central Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Overall Achiever

David Caldicott, Hull College Group