Green GB Week

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From 15th October, it’s Green GB Week! Businesses and organisations around the UK can take part in the first ever Green GB Week. The week is a government sponsored campaign, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Climate Change Act and aims to highlight the benefits of clean, green technologies and their contribution to sustainable growth.

Clean growth refers to growing UK business whilst also cutting national carbon emissions and other pollutants, as has been put at the heart of the government’s modern industrial strategy. According to the UK government, clean growth has the potential to support as many as 2 million jobs, generate up to £170 billion in annual exports all whilst growing at four times the rate of GDP growth.

The week is focused on raising awareness of the importance of resource efficiency and implementation of green tech, such as LED lighting and numerous other energy saving measures. Each day has a slightly different focus, looking at the issues from various angles, encouraging businesses and individuals to act in various ways. Whilst many of our member businesses and supported clients have already saved thousands through environmental management and uptake of grant schemes there is more work to do to reach national and global climate change targets.

Quick-win ideas for events and activities in your business:

  • SMEs contact your energy supplier to get fitted with a smart meter
  • If your energy bills are included in your lease, ask your landlord about getting smart meter for your building
  • Conduct an energy audit to highlight the physical and behavioural changes that will reduce energy consumption
  • Showcase your green journey and how far you’ve come with Investors in the Environment!


Sharing information among your team can also be beneficial to increase engagement in your green agenda. This can be delivered in various forms, from newsletters, awareness campaigns, and staff lunches.

For other ideas and to learn more about the week, including taking part in various national events,  check out the Green GB Toolkit