Going green in the veterinary sector

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We all love our pets and lavish them with love and resources to keep them healthy and happy. From pet food and toys, to their impact on wildlife, there are lots of considerations, not only for pet owners, but for those we designate to look after their healthcare.

Pet healthcare, like human healthcare, comes with a significant impact, especially with regards to waste and energy. Many in the veterinary sector are seeking support from Investors in the Environment to benchmark measurable progress towards sustainability in their practices, frequently starting with the most obvious single-use plastic waste, which is significant in healthcare.

Since iiE’s earliest days, we have supported superstars in the healthcare sector even before sustainable development in this area was well defined. Growing on these experiences,  iiE has begun to support an increasing number of veterinary practices, including the influential Davies Veterinary Specialists (DVS).

DVS are working hard toward their Green level accreditation and have made it their mission to influence their sector after assessing their own impact and finding the benefits to be overwhelmingly positive. The opportunities they identified and actioned though the accreditation process have saved them thousands on costs, improved their legal compliance, and raised their profile as a leader amongst veterinary practices. The fantastic team has recently even being shortlisted in the IEMA Sustainability Awards.

This sector-wide leadership has evolved to include workshops on sustainability with its referring vets as well as any other vet nationally who has an interest in making their practice more environmental friendly.

DVS Sustainability Lead, Ellie West, says

This project has allowed me to mix personal convictions with my professional life. I decided that if I was to have an impact, it should be on as large a scale as possible to justify the time which I would invest in it. One thing I have worked to balance is the time spent in front of a computer tapping away on sustainability-related projects, with the time I spend connecting with nature myself. I have an increased admiration for the job that others do, and I feel very uplifted by the engagement and support of the practice and its staff.

If you’re a vet wishing to find out more about going green, get in touch to discuss how we can support you on [email protected] or sign up now! We are here to support you, from large practices to small, and can advise you on how to fit it in to your busy practice.

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