Businesses tackle climate change, the Yorkshire way

Two Yorkshire organisations are taking positive action to reduce their effect on the environment by investing in new woodland creation in the Yorkshire Dales.

York-based Yorkshire Energy Partnership and Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) have committed to positive action against climate change by taking steps to mitigate unavoidable carbon emitted as a part of their day-to-day business. And they are doing it right on their doorstep, by investing in carbon credits available through a certified woodland project in the Yorkshire Dales.   

Staff from Yorkshire Energy Partnership and YDMT visited Nethergill Farm in Oughtershaw recently to see the woodland where their carbon credits are located – and to find out first-hand how this new woodland will improve the landscape and environment in the area.  

"YDMT is proud to be joining other businesses across Yorkshire to help reduce the negative impact we have on the environment. What’s great is that we can now do something about our carbon emissions by investing in a carbon scheme very close to where we work. We’ve seen first-hand how the woodland will bring huge benefits, not only to the environment but also to the local landscape, wildlife and communities in the Dales" said David Sharrod, Director of YDMT.   

Yorkshire Energy Partnership supports homes, businesses and communities to work and live more sustainably. Chief Executive, Hugh Cripps, said, “As we promote sustainability to others through our Investors in the Environment accreditation, we thought we'd better practice what we preach. I can think of no better way of ‘acting local’ to tackle climate change than creating woodlands in the Yorkshire Dales. Planting trees in the uplands also has the added benefit of holding back rain water which can reduce flooding downstream – very important when you live and work in York!”

The woodland at Nethergill Farm is one of several new woodlands across the Dales to have been certified through the Woodland Carbon Code. The Code was set up by the Forestry Commission to deliver standards of best practice for UK woodland projects that are designed to capture and store carbon. For Yorkshire businesses who want to invest in tree planting to help mitigate their carbon emissions, a scheme certified by the Woodland Carbon Code comes with assurances that it will deliver the carbon savings it claims.

Chris Clark, owner of Nethergill Farm, commented, “We are delighted that the Yorkshire Energy Partnership is the first company to purchase carbon units from Nethergill Farm. It feels great to not only be increasing biodiversity by planting something like 30,000 trees in the Dales, but also offering other businesses the opportunity to counterbalance some of their carbon emissions”.  

YDMT is working with landowners to make Yorkshire woodland carbon credits available to individuals and businesses who want to mitigate their carbon emissions, and do something beneficial for the Yorkshire area. If you are interested in finding out more please contact Lindsay Wallace or Chris Lodge on 015242 51002.    

For further information about Investors in the Environment please call us on 01904 545020 or email [email protected]