2019: The Year of Green Action

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Building on the incredible momentum and energy generated in 2018 around climate action and plastics pollution, 2019 is being dubbed as a vital Year of Green Action. The campaign is part of the UK Government’s 25-Year Environment Plan  to show others how you’re doing your bit for the environment and engage young people. The effort complements the ongoing UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, now in their 4th year of progress.

For businesses, this is a great opportunity to spearhead your sustainability goals through actions that get your staff involved in key initiatives that help wildlife, save energy, produce less waste, and connect with your local community. Whilst the 25-Year Environment Plan will include new government policies and commitments to both support and enforce good environmental stewardship, the business sector has an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve. By embedding good-sense sustainability principles into business activities now, business can be a force for change and innovation, capable of adapting to the times and also reaping the benefits that come with efficiency and corporate social responsibility.

The Investors in the Environment journey is an integral part of this process. To ensure we are supporting our members through continual improvement, IIE will be changing too. From 1st May 2019, all members will be working towards Green, with those on different parts of the journey continuing to get recognised for achieving the criteria needed for Bronze and Silver whilst they work toward the ultimate goal of achieving and maintaining Green each year.

To find out more about what we’re doing to support businesses on target-driven sustainability goals, contact us at [email protected]

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