IKEA Distribution Services Limited

Coping with the company’s expansion presents an enormous challenge for distribution. We will more than double volumes over the next 5 years and will be serving more and more markets around the world. Growth on this scale necessitates regular adaptations to our distribution structure. For example, one important step will be to reorganise our distribution centre structure so that the low-flow range will be stored centrally for large regions while the high-flow range is stored in centres closer to the relevant market. At the same time, we’ll strive for an increase in direct deliveries.

Another example of a future challenge for our experts in distribution is to meet the demands generated by remote shopping over phone and Internet. Although we expect IKEA customers will always enjoy an inspiring visit to the store, Internet shopping and telephone orders are steeply on the rise, requiring new, quick and flexible distribution solutions according to the customers’ expectations.

A distribution centre for the UK network of IKEA stores.


  • Achieved Green Level Accreditation