Castle Rock Brewery

Castle Rocks beer is not only widely recognised and acclaimed but equally so for its great selection of pubs, reflected in it being “Pub Group of the Year” in 2002, 2006 & 2008. Great beer & great pubs, it’s what we love and we hope you do too!

For some time, Castle Rock has been working with Investors of the Environment to become environmentally sustainable, and in July 2016 received green accreditation. We gained our accreditation through actions like monitoring energy and water use to reduce waste and recycling our spent grains to feed local livestock.

Currently, we’re working on plans to fit solar panels and additional systems into our head offices and the brewery itself, including the installation of new burners to reclaim heat during the brewing process. Most excitingly, in December we began a year-long evaluation of an anaerobic digester, designed to convert waste from brewing processes into energy and cleaner wastewater.